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Driven by Passion, Guided by Purpose: The Heartbeat of Stillwater Provisions.

At Stillwater Provisions, our compass is guided by more than just a commitment to quality. We blend passion, in-depth industry insights, and time-tested work ethics to ensure the success of our partners and clientele. With an unwavering dedication to understanding and aligning with the strategic objectives of those we serve, we champion the cause of transforming culinary chaos into harmonious success. Because, in essence, our mission is simple yet profound: Bringing Calm to Culinary Chaos.

Our Story

In the summer of 2009, Stillwater Provisions set sail with three partners and a singular vision: to reshape the culinary marketplace in Virginia and West Virginia, starting with the very heart of a meal - the Center of the Plate. From those foundational days, our journey has been marked by growth, adaptability, and resilience.


Today, we stand proud as the premier independent broker in the Mid-Atlantic Region, with our influence rippling across multiple product segments. From proteins and seafood to bakery delights and handcrafted beverages, our portfolio has expanded, but our essence remains unchanged.


Over the years, we’ve forged partnerships with leading manufacturers, ensuring that every plate we influence carries a story of dedication, expertise, and innovation. As we continue our journey, we remain anchored to our roots, cherishing our humble beginnings while ambitiously setting our sights on the horizons of culinary excellence.


Why Choose Stillwater Provisions?

Unmatched Experience:

With over 750 years of combined foodservice and retail experience, our team possesses a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and expertise that is unparalleled in the industry.

Key Relationships: 
Our network runs deep. From executives at top distributors to key decision-makers at large leverage operators, our relationships empower us to move swiftly, negotiate effectively, and secure the best outcomes for our partners.

Dedication to Responsiveness:

In a fast-paced industry, responsiveness can make or break a deal. Stillwater Provisions is renowned for its "Industry Best Responsiveness", ensuring that when you need us, we're always there, ahead of time.

Commitment to Growth:
Your growth is our success. Through our educational and sales training programs, we don't just aim to serve but to uplift, enhancing capacities and driving business growth for all our partners.

Culinary Innovators:
We are not just about sales; we’re about solutions. Our team brings fresh ideas to the table, ensuring your menus and offerings are always ahead of the curve, delighting customers and creating memorable dining experiences.

Training Excellence:

We believe knowledge is power. Investing heavily in training, we not only uplift our team but also the distributor employees, ensuring everyone is equipped with the latest trends, techniques, and market insights.

Tailored Strategies:
Our go-to-market strategies are not one-size-fits-all. We collaborate, define objectives, and craft bespoke sales plans that target specific customers and products, ensuring maximal impact and effectiveness.

Seamless Business Practices:

We value your time and trust. With a focus on clarity, efficiency, and seamless communication, we aim to make every interaction with Stillwater Provisions smooth, productive, and rewarding.

Coverage Area

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The Stillwater Provisions Team: 
Excellence at Every Level.

Beyond these luminaries listed below, the Stillwater Provisions ensemble comprises seasoned professionals, segment specialists, and dedicated support teams, all working in unison to redefine foodservice excellence.

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