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Segments We Serve: 
Tailored Solutions For Diverse Industries

At Stillwater Provisions, we believe in the power of specialization. Our expertise isn't just confined to premium food solutions; it extends into understanding the unique needs of different industries. By tailoring our services, we bring calm to the chaos in several key segments.

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Large Leverage Operators

In the complex landscape of food distribution, we provide a solid foundation for LLOs, helping them optimize their supply chain with regional insights and industry-leading products. 

Gas Station Shop

Convenience Stores

We help convenience stores stay convenient. Our range of quick, yet quality, food options keeps your shelves stocked and customers satisfied. 

University Building

Colleges and Universities

Higher education institutions require nuanced approaches. We offer robust foodservice solutions ranging from cafeteria management to specialized event catering.

Hospital Bed

Healthcare Facilities

We understand the stringent quality needs of healthcare institutions. Our products meet high safety standards, and our service complements the sensitive healthcare environment.


Hospitality & Entertainment

From luxury hotels to buzzing entertainment venues, our services elevate the guest experience with top-tier food options and seamless operations.

High School Exterior

K-12 Educational Institutions

Nutrition and taste should never be compromised for our youngest consumers. We offer school-friendly, nutritious, and delicious food solutions.

Veteran Memorial Service

Military Accounts

Serving those who serve us is an honor. We adhere to strict quality controls and offer timely delivery to ensure our military gets the nourishment they deserve.

Why Choose Stillwater Provisions?

  • Industry Expertise: With decades of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of each segment's distinct needs.

  • Quality: Our commitment to quality transcends across all segments.  We only represent leading manufacturers in the food industry.

  • Training and Support: Our people are trained to offer specific solutions to unique challenges faced by each sector.

For us, the journey doesn't end by merely delivering products; we offer ongoing support to ensure your foodservice needs are always met. Join hands with Stillwater Provisions and make your sector-specific challenges a thing of the past.

Contact us today to find out how we can bring calm to your chaos.

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