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Driven by Passion. Guided by Purpose.

Welcome to Stillwater Provisions, where passion meets purpose in the heart of the food service industry. Explore our story, legacy, and commitment to ensuring your success.


Our mix of passion, industry acumen, customer knowledge, and good old-fashioned hard work ensures we're perfectly aligned with your strategic objectives. In essence, we are the calm amidst the culinary chaos..

Steak and Baguette

Unrivaled Expertise Across Key Sectors

At Stillwater Provisions, we believe that every segment in the food industry has a unique pulse, preferences, and potential. Our expertise isn't just rooted in the broad spectrum of the food world but finely tuned to cater to specific segments with precision and passion. We take pride in our specialized approach across diverse sectors. Whether it's catering to the distinct tastes of local communities through our LLOs, elevating culinary experiences at academic institutions, adding gourmet flair to convenience stores, or nourishing our nation's heroes in the military, our dedication remains unparalleled. We understand the unique pulse of each sector — from hospitality's drive for unforgettable moments to healthcare's blend of nutrition and comfort. Dive into a world where tailored solutions meet global standards, all under the trusted name of Stillwater Provisions.


Colleges & Universities

Serving dynamic campuses, we bring a world of flavors to academically vibrant environments, ensuring every student's palate feels at home.

Hospitality & Entertainment

From luxury resorts to thrilling entertainment venues, our culinary offerings promise to elevate every guests experience.

Convenience Stores

Beyond quick pit stops, our curated range transforms convenience stores into gourmet destinations for the on-the-move consumer.

Healthcare Facilities

Melding nutrition with comfort, we curate menus that not only heal but also soothe the soul in healthcare settings.

K-12 Educational Institutions

Fueling young minds, our nutritious and delectable offerings make school dining an adventure in taste and health.

Military Accounts

Dedicated to those who defend our freedom, our hearty and consistent offerings cater to the unique demands of our servicemen and women.

Large Leverage

At the heart of our communities, our Large Leverage Operators enjoy tailor-made solutions that perfectly blend global quality with local tastes.


Flavorful Journeys Begin with Stillwater Provisions.

At Stillwater Provisions, we've curated an exquisite range of culinary treasures. From the rich robustness of our premium proteins to the aquatic allure of our sustainable seafood, every dish starts with promise. Ignite mornings with aromatic bakery delights, quench thirsts with diverse beverages, and let every meal be an adventure with our varied sides and appetizers. And for the heart of every recipe, our dry goods stand as a testament to quality and variety. Dive into a world where flavor, freshness, and innovation unite, only at Stillwater Provisions.

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Lobster Dish
I greatly appreciated the awesome work that was done this week here in NC by the Stillwater team. Thank you for your efforts at the show and of course the effort out on the streets to maintain and grow our business together.

Craig, Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing

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